1. The vehicle is fully operational when handed over. The driver testified to have checked the vehicle to its satisfaction, including all parts such as engine, steering, chassis, brakes and tyres. This disclaims any liability as a result of an accident, a delay or other loss or harm, provided that the matters which are completed by the owner applicable statutory insurance are not covered.
  2. The driver must have driving skills, mental and physical abilities to drive the vehicle, neither this nor under the influence of drugs and alcohol use. Follow the safety rules.
  3. The vehicle is delivered to the driver in Palma / Polígono Son Oms, or at the agreed location, where it is returned after the termination of the lease within the specified times. If the vehicle is not returned within the allotted time at the agreed location, the lease must be renewed on a daily basis to select the appropriate time and under the same terms and conditions. The already rented days count as the basis for the calculation of the extended lease. The owner, never loses the right at any time after completion of the contract and reclaim the vehicle with the extension of the charge together with the rent deposit to be paid.
  4. The driver is liable for any damages that arise under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and drugs to the vehicle, other vehicles and objects, or results from an incorrect or improper use. For damages or injuries which the driver, for whatever reason , causes , himself or others, the company HT- Baleares S.L. in no case compensate for it. The driver is required by law responsible for any damage he caused knowingly or unknowingly and committed to hold harmless from all claims for damages the Company HT Baleares SL.
  5. The rented vehicle may be driven solely by the driver and used for the contractually agreed purposes. It is not allowed to hire the vehicle or to use it in racing events or for driving lessons. Any commercial use must be agreed separately. If the vehicle is impounded because of crimes committed with his help, the renter is fully liable to the lessor.
  6. The driver acknowledges that the company HT Baleares SL liability insurance «Kasko» has been completed for the motorcycle, with a deductible of 1800 €, which is entirely borne by the driver. To this end, the company HT-Baleares SL receives the sum of 1800 € via communication of credit card number and expiration date of the credit card upon delivery of the vehicle (Deposit). For warranty service by credit card, the company HT Baleares SL in the event of a claim or claims for damages by third parties, or a penalty imposed traffic is authorized hereby to make the deduction on the owed amount.
  7. The driver is required to have a valid driving license, the owner is released from any liability in the event of a false insurance or presentation of such invalid or forged documents.
  8. The driver himself pays for any traffic fines and penalties imposed on the owner, resulting from violations of the law which have been committed with the vehicle during the rental period.
  9. In case of theft of the motorcycle during the rental period the driver is responsible for 1800 € (maximum retention). The insurance shall not be liable for proven grossly negligent behavior, such as a not locked motorcycle or the leaving of the ignition key in the lock.
  10. The driver has in the case of a self-inflicted damage to the rental vehicle that makes it impossible for its use, no right to a replacement vehicle. Similarly, the refund of the rental price for this time is excluded.
  11. At the personal fault the return transportation will be charged.
  12. Fuel costs are charged to the driver.
  13. The driver accepts the prices and conditions which are part of the contract.
  14. Matters of dispute arising from the settlement and execution of this contract, the courts of Palma de Mallorca waving possible jurisdiction.